Update on improvements to Panshanger Park

August 30, 2017

We are pleased to say we are moving forward with a programme of park improvements over the autumn and winter months.

These will enhance the experience of our ever increasing number of visitors who are enjoying the landscape and wildlife of Panshanger Park.

Highlights of the activities we have planned include:


  • A gravelled dog dip to be installed where the bench is located to allow access to the river for dogs whilst protecting the river bank. A section of river will be fenced to protect the river bank and allow bankside vegetation to recover. (End September).
  • A new permissive path (House Link) past the site of Panshanger House to allow a circular walk to the Panshanger oak to be completed. (End October).
  • A section of footpath to be dedicated as bridleway and a new bridleway to provide a link into the park from bridleway 11, north of the B1000. The dilapidated barbed wire fence running next to the proposed bridleway route has been removed. Draft agreements have been prepared and are with lawyers. (End October).
  • We will continue working to find an acceptable ecological and historical landscape solution to open the east-west route through the lower Mimram Valley (see Liaison below).

Interpretation and Way Marking

  • Marker posts to be installed to mark the park run course at 1km intervals. (End October).
  • New waymarkers highlighting permissive routes available for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. (End October).
  • Replacement of galvanised steel gates with wooden gates. (End December).
  • New interpretation boards for the Orangery and Water Wheel. (End December).

Historic Landscape

  • Lowering of the northern section of the bird screen to 1.2m where vegetation and trees have established. The viewing area will remain in place. (End September).


  • Vegetation on Osprey Lake Island to be cleared and the Osprey nesting pole to be re- erected. (End October).

Car Parks

  • Designated spaces to be made available for blue badge holders in Thieves Lane car park and improved accessibility from the car park to the Dragonfly Trail. (End December).


  • Set up a park liaison group as a forum for discussion as well as updating interested parties on park plans and news. (End September).
  • A replacement People and Wildlife Officer is due to be appointed in the next few months. (End November).

The team at Tarmac will continue to manage the open areas of the park to ensure they are well maintained, clean and safe for parks users. We will also continue to host and support events and guided walks in the park.