Dog Walking

Panshanger Park

Dog control information

We welcome dog walkers at Panshanger Park and ask you to follow our guidelines so that all visitors with and without dogs can continue to enjoy Panshanger Park. For the safety and health of other visitors and to avoid disturbance to livestock and wildlife you must ensure your dog is properly controlled at all times when you visit Panshanger Park.


Panshanger Park guidelines

Dog fouling

A large number of dogs visit Panshanger Park each day and they produce a considerable amount of dog mess. This can be detrimental to the countryside and its visitors. Please always clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste responsibly. Please do not throw the mess in the hedges or hang bags of mess on the fences. There is a dog waste disposal bin located at Thieves Lane car park and two other bins located around the park for your convenience.

Keep your Dog under control

Please keep your dog under control at all times. Do not let it frighten other people or chase wildlife or farm animals.

Where are Dogs allowed?

At Panshanger Park dogs are welcome, however please comply with signs where you are requested to keep your dog on a lead.

Guided walks and events

We run many guided walks and events each year. You may not always be able to take your dog with you. Please check the News or Events section or contact the Panshanger Park People & Wildlife Officer.

[email protected]

Theives Lane car park

Please ensure your dog remains on a lead in the car park, both for its own safety and the safety of other visitors and to prevent fouling.