Your Visit

to Panshanger Park

Welcome to Panshanger Park

Panshanger Park is a very special place for many people and various interest groups and we want to make sure it stays that way. We are committed to making your visit as welcoming as possible. With this in mind, we have a few simple rules to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time in the park.

Please note that Panshanger Park is privately owned with permissive access granted by the landowner, therefore paths may be closed without prior notice.

General rules

  • There’s room for everyone so please respect other visitors
    and be sympathetic to their needs and safety;
  • Please keep to the permissive paths;
  • Please leave the park as you found it;
  • Please take all litter home with you.
    The dog bins provided are for the disposal of dog mess only;
  • Please supervise children in your care at all times;
  • Do not swim in the lakes or river;
  • BBQs and camping are not permitted anywhere in the park;
  • For your own safety and to protect the heritage and wildlife,
    take heed of all signs;
  • Certain areas of the park will continue to have no public access;
  • Motorcycles, quad bikes and other vehicles are prohibited;
  • The use of drones or model aircraft is prohibited;
  • The use of metal detectors is prohibited;
  • The park’s owners and contractors accept no responsibility/liability
    for loss, theft or damage to your property including vehicles.

Rules relating to dogs

With extensive pathways and open space, Panshanger Park is the perfect place to walk your dog. Please remember that you are responsible for your dog’s behaviour. We therefore ask that all dog walkers and owners follow these rules:

  • Dog owners and those walking others’ dogs are responsible for clearing up dog mess;
  • Please use the dog bins provided;
  • Dog mess is dangerous and can be particularly harmful to children;
  • Only walk a maximum of four dogs at any one time;
  • A dog dip has been constructed in the river at the Rifle Butts to the south of Osprey Lake. Do not allow your dog to enter the river or lakes except at this designated area;
  • Keep your dog on a lead around long grass during the bird nesting season (March – Sept);
  • Ensure your dog is under control, which means not letting your dog off the lead unless you keep it in sight and close enough so it will come back on your command;
  • Please prevent your dog from approaching horse riders, cyclists, runners, walkers and other dogs uninvited;
  • If you see a dog on a lead, please put yours on a lead too;
  • Do not allow your dog to chase, disturb or harm wildlife, or worry livestock;
  • If livestock is in residence, dogs must be kept on a lead;
  • All incidents of worrying livestock will be reported to the police;
  • Tarmac and its contractors accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or injury caused by dogs in your charge.

Cycles and horses

A fantastic way to explore the park is by bike or on horseback. To avoid damage to the ground and plants we ask that riders follow these rules:

  • Please keep to the permissive bridleways and/or cycle paths at all times;
  • Bridleways are also used by pedestrians so always be aware of your surroundings and be considerate to other users;
  • Horse boxes are not permitted in the park except when attending official park events.


Please note that there is currently no day ticket fishing at the park. Fishing of the river and lakes is managed by Panshanger Anglers. Should you wish to become a member, please contact them directly via the following website:

Things to look out for

Osprey Lake

Lady Hughes Wood

River Mimram

Veteran Trees

Dragonflies & Damselflies


Birds of Prey

Panshanger Great Oak

Panshanger House site

The Orangery

Repton's Landscape and Broadwater