Panshanger Park’s first horse ‘park and ride’ event of the year hailed a huge success

May 25, 2018

Last weekend saw the first in a series of four horse ‘park and ride’ events this summer, designed to make it easier for horse riders to enjoy Panshanger Park.

On Saturday, in glorious sunshine, nearly 30 riders took up the opportunity to use the temporary parking facilities for horse boxes at the park.

Once they arrived, riders enjoyed a waymarked route of six miles including permissive bridleways and paths which are not normally available to horse riders. From the seats of their saddles, riders enjoyed beautiful views of the historic landscape, woodlands and water features along the Mimram Valley.

The British Horse Society and Herts County Council Rights of Way team again organised the event with the support of Tarmac and Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

The idea behind these events is to encourage people to ride in the park, in particular those who find it difficult to get their horse to the site either because of the distance from their stables or because they are not keen to ride on public roads.

By making it easier to park horse boxes, it also means local riders will have the chance to ride in the park with friends who usually ride further afield.

The cost of the event is £10 per horse and rider. The rest of the dates planned this summer with booking links are listed below:

16th June:

21st July:

1st September:

Panshanger Park welcomes horse riders at all times and public and permissive bridleways are available across the park. Please head to for a park map which shows the routes which are in place.