Plea to help preserve spring bluebells at Panshanger Park

April 19, 2017

Tarmac and Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust are asking visitors to Panshanger Park to take care when walking in Lady Hughes’ Wood, In order to protect the carpet of bluebells in the wood, which blooms each spring, walkers are requested to stay on the main path.

Jennifer Gilbert, Panshanger Park People & Wildlife Officer, says “We’re seeing a decline in the number and extent of the bluebells in some areas because bluebells are very sensitive to trampling. Walking over them damages their leaves which they rely on for photosynthesis. This means the bluebells are unable to produce the food they need to flower, set seed and store in their bulbs ready for next year. As a result of unofficial paths being created through the wood we are now seeing bluebells being lost from some areas.”

By staying on the main path and around the edges of the wood, the bluebells will be able to flourish and damaged areas can recover, preserving this fantastic display for the future.