Renewed plea to dog owners as sheep return to Panshanger Park

March 14, 2017

This week, Panshanger’s flock of sheep have been returned to the park to graze. Keeping sheep in the park helps keep the grass in good condition, reduces the need for mowing and encourages botanical diversity by removing fast growing plant species that would otherwise out compete smaller, finer flowers.

We are committed to keeping them as safe as possible during their time in the park.
Last year, sheep at Panshanger Park were unfortunately attacked on more than one occasion by out of control dogs. The latest attack, in September, resulted in a police caution for the dog’s owner as well as a £500 fine.

Michael Charlton, Tarmac’s Restoration Manager at Panshanger, said: “We will be putting signs up around the park to let visitors know when and where sheep are grazing, and we urge dogs owners to take notice of these and keep their dogs on leads in these areas. In some circumstances we may need to close off some fields temporarily too.

“We desperately want to avoid any attacks and so we hope dog owners will help us keep the livestock safe. Attacks can sadly sometimes lead to sheep having to be destroyed. Also, this years flock are all pregnant ewes and excessive stress, such as being chased by a dog, can cause them to abort their lambs. We want everybody to be able to enjoy Panshanger Park and there will be consequences for those that endanger the safety of our animals.”