Science-fiction filming at Panshanger Park

March 16, 2017

Last month, a group of film students from the University of Hertfordshire filmed scenes for ‘Nomad’, a dark science-fiction short film,at Panshanger Park. The film, which will be a deciding factor in the students’ final degree grade, tells the story of 3 astronauts who must set up a colony on a distant planet to save humanity from extinction.

Student Lois Gresty said,“We chose Panshanger Park as it’s a quiet and picturesque location. We knew the woodland we shot in would look amazing on camera due to the old looking trees and open spaces surrounding. It was just what we were looking for, so the crew were overjoyed when filming there.”

Involved were 9 members of crew – Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Sound Recordist, Production Design, Location Manager, Editor and Assistant Director.

Lois said, “All members of crew were on set giving a helping hand, and contributing to the filming process. Also, we had 3 amazing actors, Tom, Javed and Clara playing their roles exceptionally.”