Tarmac announces new parkland management plan for Panshanger Park

September 6, 2021

Tarmac is pleased to announce the development of a new parkland management plan for Panshanger Park.

Part funded by Natural England, the parkland management plan will draw together information on the park’s history, consider the current use and land management of the site, identify sensitivities such as habitats, woodlands and heritage assets, and make recommendations for future management and use.

Tarmac is working with consultants Chris Blandford Associates to produce the plan, in partnership with Natural England, Historic England and Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

In the coming weeks and months, a range of specialist surveys will be conducted within the park to build a picture of the park’s history, its significance today, and opportunities for the future. Once the surveys have taken place, further work will be done to analyses the results, identify opportunities and make recommendations on the future of the park.

Michael Charlton, estates manager at Tarmac, owners of Panshanger Park said: “Tarmac are committed to delivering a sustainably managed high quality country park and as a result we’re excited to be producing a parkland management plan, through funding from Natural England.

“The plan will consolidate a range of information we already hold about the park, and providing a holistic review of current use and sensitivities to scope out how this stunning park could made even better for nature and visitors’